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Almost 90 years of HEMA - Quality since three generations!
  • The HEMA founder, Paul Heermann
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90 years ago, everything started to turn

"Everyone" in the future has to know, who Paul the locksmith has been" - this is written onto the diary of the founder of the company - Paul Heermann. He has been a man full of ideas and energy, a real pioneer who unified his talent for technical coherences with entrepreneurial spirit. Under the tough circumstances of that time, the locksmith-master worked purposefully on the success of his little workshop company, located in Frickenhausen and founded 1920 in the "Obere Strasse 20".

The high quality of his work as well as his "Swabian assiduity" proved to be good pathfinders: by creating practical inventions and improvements of the former engineering technologies, the pioneer soon made a name for himself among experts.

When passing down the responsibility to his son Gottilf in 1964, the little Workshop had grown to a stable company, employing 18 people.

His inheritors always continued to lead HEMA to success, according to the model of their ancestor - and they still do! Gotthilf moved the plant to a spacious new building in the "Sulzburgstrasse", former "Albstrasse". Always following the motto "slowly but surely" HEMA has grown to one of Germany's biggest and most flexible manufacturers of wood bandsaws and cutting systems for nearly all materials that exist on the market.

Today, his grandchildren Ulrich and Rainer Heermann care for continuation by having smart and innovative ideas - to keep young the name and lifework of the founder - Paul Heermann. Since start of 2009, Ulrich's son Christoph Heermann as well as his son-in-las, Markus Bleher, joined the company to carry on business at HEMA in the fourth generation. Christoph as Technical Manager accepted responsiblity for all technical issues, whereas Markus as Business Administration Manager applies himself to the commercial tasks in the company.

That's why our company is based on a solid fundament which has been compiled with inventive talent, heart and understanding during the last 90 years of its presence on the market.


"As a Swabian we know how to work meticulously!"


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