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HEMA machines for flexible foams

To suit your requirements:

  • Variety of cutting widths and table sizes available
  • Revolving tables
  • Conveyor tables
  • Digitizing boards

CNC contour cutters for flexible foams

When cutting any shape from PU, PE or other flexible foams, dust is absolutely taboo.

This is why our newly developed MSM 2200H profile cutting machine produces an absolutely dust-free cut. A precisely guided, oscillating blade traces every contour exactly and cuts the smallest of radii just as accurately as sharp-edged corners or acute angles.

The entire machine is sturdily and precisely built using high quality durable machine parts. All guide and drive elements, both for the vertical travel as well as the table drive, are protected by bellows. 

A motor-powered adjustable centre guide and a workpiece clamp are standard equipment.

The modern Windows-based control system with clear operating instructions is very easy to learn and has a substantial storage capacity for 40.000 programs.

Numerous practical auxiliary accessories, a variety of cutting widths and table sizes as well as practice-orientated software modules are available. 

Modern control system
Modern control system
Standard center guide
Standard center guide
DXF-design data can be transferred directly to the machine
DXF-design data can be transferred directly to the machine

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