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HEMA Contour cutters
HEMA Konturenschneider PSM 2500
Adjustable stop system for multiple panel cutting
Adjustable stop system for multiple panel cutting
Variable cutting width
Variable cutting width

3-axis CNC machine for ridge and valley panels with integrated conveyor belt.

Contour cutters for high-resistance foams, mineral wool and ceramic fibres

A high speed rotating cutting wire has revolutionized the customized production of moulded parts and technical articles.

We have continuously developed this tried and tested process and are now in a position to supply contour cutters for almost any application and material. Half pipes made of PU foam,  insulation roof fillers made of  rock wool, insulating wedges or intricately shaped parts for the packing industry can be cut precisely and very efficiently.

HEMA designs its profile cutters to suit the exact requirements of its customers.

The machine can be equipped with a third CNC axis for ridge and valley panels used in the manufacture of sloping roofs.

To suit your requirements:

  • a variety of cutting widths and table sizes available
  • loading facilities from the front and the rear of the machine
  • large-sized touch screen
  • vacuum table
  • stop system for panel processing

Examples of products

  • Insulating fillers
  • Roof wedges
  • Half pipes
  • Panels
  • Trimmed pieces
  • Moulded parts
  • Sloping roofs
  • Ridge and valley panels

Our professional machine control panel is Windows-based, well-equipped and easy to operate. Production data can be produced directly at the machine.

Our FoamCAD-XP software is provided for off-line programming. With this new development even complex workpieces can be programmed faster than ever before. Of course, the import of DXF data is possible.

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Screenshot 1 FoamCAD-XP
A large-sized touch screen provides optimum ease of use.
Screenshot 2 FoamCAD-XP
Screenshot 3 FoamCAD-XP

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