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HEMA FoamCAD-XP - Offline programming quickly and simply

Possibilities of programming

With FoamCAD-XP it's possible to create any geometrical form as CNC part or program in a quick and easy manner. There are different possibilities to do so:

  • DXF data transfer

Almost all CAD systems are able to export drawing files in DXF format. With FoamCAD-XP you can easily import this data again. To create sharp-edged corners, FoamCAD-XP automatically adds retention times when exceeding pre-selectable turnarounds.

  • Electronic drawing board

By using a digitizer board, existing drawings or templates can be manually scanned point-by-point. Received data from the digitizer is directly translated into CNC code.

  • Program surface of CAD/CAM system FoamCAD-XP
  • Program surface of CAD/CAM system FoamCAD-XP
  • Program surface of CAD/CAM system FoamCAD-XP
  • Part editor

With this editor geometries can be drawn with simple drawing tools. It is also possible to enter NC-code directly. Independent of the way how data is entered, it is possible to finish parts subsequently in the editor (rotating, scaling, etc.). The NC-part (e.g. single piece, sample part) finally can be imported and produced directly on the machine.

  • Duplication

When creating a cutting program out of multiple equal but also different parts, FoamCAD-XP supports a lot! Using the quick-programming tool, a running program is created in minutes out of a single part. The variable number of parts that have to be cut horizontally and vertically can be adapted to the block size by means of a piece counter integrated into the machine control.

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