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Pipe bandsaws

Examples of products

  • Plastic pipes
  • Air ducts
  • Cladding elements
  • Hollow plaster boards
  • Aluminium profiles

Mitre cutting a 1000 mm diameter pipe

Bandsaws for plastic pipes

We supply a wide range of machines for cutting 100 – 1800 mm diameter plastic pipes! In special cases diameters of up to 2500 mm are possible.

The saw travels on vibration-free, stable guide elements, thereby executing the actual feed motion. This whole piece of equipment is pivotal to enable segmental arches, T-pieces and branches to be sawn economically and accurately.

The blade`s fulcrum is always at the center of the pipe and serves as the point of reference. 

With this saw thin-walled air ducts or unstable cladding panels can easily be cut into pieces or mitre cut

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