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HEMA horizontal band saws

Our horizontal band saws are used in many different applications

For example in the following industries:

  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Wind Energy
  • Railway
  • Ships
  • Busses
  • Construction & Insulation
These industries we are focused in

Our high-tech band saws mainly cut lightweight materials, which are for example:

Honeycomb (Nomex, Kevlar, fibre gas)

Honeycomb blocks:

  • Nomex
  • Kevlar
  • Aluminum expanded
  • Aluminum not expanded

Production of honeycomb blocks is sophisticated and expensive. Depending on its density, this material stands for an advantageous combination of high strength and low weight at the same time. Therefore, honeycomb material is mainly used in airplanes where this characteristic is highly appreciated.

PMI (e.g. Rohacell)

Rigid foams:

These types of foam are often used as core material in lightweight structures, but also as insulation material in the construction industrie. One speciality of this material is that it can be tailored to a specific application, e.g. high compressive strength in a certain direction.

  • PET
  • PVC
  • PUR
  • PIR
  • PMI

Balsa wood

Glued balsa beams blocks are used as basic material for the production of components for wind mill blades. It grows fastly and combines good processibility with high strength and is grown in plantations mainly in South America, but also in South East Asia.

Our band saw solutions

For each cutting application we have suitable machine solutions in our portfolio:

vertical cuts, e.g. trimming of blocks
horizontal cuts, e.g. sheet cutting
angular cuts, e.g. for wedges
contour cuts, e.g. for curved parts

CoreCutter 900 - The horizontal miracle weapon

A special role is played by our horizontal band saw out of the CoreCutter-series. With this machine it is possible to cut sheets within very tight tolerances and with high productivity.

This machine has been developed for one special reason: to inspire you!

  • High productivity: thanks to optimized saw blade speed up to 6000 m/min!
  • High precision: thanks to perfect balancing of saw blade guides, tensioning system and band saw wheels.
  • High lifetime of tools: thanks to huge band saw wheels
  • Reduced material wastage: thanks to very thin cutting gap and perfect choice of tools
  • High efficiency: thanks to high degree of digitalization and IT4.0 solutions

Perfect cuts require professional choice of tools

No matter, if trim cut, sheet cut, angle cut or contour cut: high demands on the cutting process can only be fulfilled when the perfect tool is used. Our HEMA cutting experts have decades of experience and help optimizing cutting processes with regard to productivity, precision, minimal cutting gap, but also to optimal surface quality.

We look forward to support you. If required, we can perform cutting tests with your material. Just call or write us a message!

Please contact us!


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