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Bandsaws for customized production

When processing blocks and panels, special sizes in small quantities are often required

This horizontal bandsaw is equipped with a simple, easy to operate control system which makes a “quick cut” possible. This in turn reduces delivery times and saves expensive storage space

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Serial production of mineral wool and PU foam

The customized production of mineral wool or high-resistance foam is very challenging for the processor because of  the variety of shapes and number of  pieces. “Ordered today – delivered yesterday”- with flexible machinery it could “almost” be possible to fulfil these demands.

For  requirements such as these HEMA provides a complete programme of standard and specialist machines for any kind of cut – even the most unusual or complicated.

For general cutting purposes we provide bandsaw machines in all cutting heights and widths as well as with sliding tables in a variety of sizes.

Cutting roof insulation fillers and roof wedges is quite tricky…

… the workpiece must be continuously rotated during the cutting process. Not very effective  and quite dangerous!  But not with this pendulum saw!  It travels forwards and backwards and ensures a high cutting capacity, safe operation and a minimal amount of dust

Examples of products

  • Roof insulation fillers
  • Roof wedges
  • Half pipes
  • Panels
  • Trimmed pieces
  • Shapes parts
  • Sloping roofs
  • Ridge panels

Horizontal bandsaw with holding down rollers 

Horizontalbandsäge mit Niederhalterollen

For the manufacture of sloping roofs HEMA comes up with a real highlight! Equipped with slope adjustment and conveyor belt this horizontal bandsaw produces “non-stop” diagonal cuts in hard rock wool!



Easy to read scale for the roof pitch
Easy to read scale for the roof pitch

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