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The SR series - precise cuts, optimal safety
SR 600

Precision bandsaw SR 600

Attractive in all details: the HEMA SR series! Precision bandsaws with a perfect combination of technical comfort and favourable price. With this compact and powerful bandsaw, all straight and curved cuts can be done precisely and economically.

During the assembly of all HEMA bandsaws, we attach importance to a perfect alignment of the wheels and consequently of the sawblade running. For this reason, fractures of the saw blade are virtually unknown with HEMA bandsaws.

HEMA delivers the suitable bandsaw for every requirement and every material. All machines can be delivered with a bigger cutting height, e.g. for the machining of insulating materials.

Additionally, all machines are available with right hand controls without extra charge.

Wheel diameter 600 mm
Cutting width 580 mm
Cutting height 380 mm
Length of saw blade 4500 mm
Table size 600 x 540/620 mm
3-phase AC motor 2,2 kW/400 V
Suction socket Ø 120 mm
Weight 270 kg


A 580 mm
B 380 mm
C 935 mm
D 38 mm
E 2085 mm
F 1035 mm
G 100 mm
H 820 mm
SR 600

Special designs

  • Dual speed drive for cutting speed 725 + 1450 m/min. (1,5/2,2 kW)
  • Stepless drive 1:5 for cutting speed 350 - 1750 m/min. (2,2 kW)
  • Cutting height 500 mm
  • Cutting height 600 mm
  • Cutting height 700 mm
  • Cutting height 800 mm
  • Cutting height 900 mm
  • Cutting height 1000 mm


  • Moving unit with arresting device
  • 3-phase AC motor 3,0 kW
  • Integrated power socket
  • Pusher for angle cuts
  • Pusher for miter cuts
  • Equipment for profile grinding

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