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The BB/metal series - maid of all work

Metal bandsaw BB 315 /3M

BB 315 /3M

In effective production and assembly workshops it is sometimes necessary to be able to do sawing jobs rapidly and without big preparations. Coping of steel profiles, trimming of sheet metal covers or curved cuts out of steel plates or non-ferrous metal plates can be done quickly and precisely on a HEMA metal bandsaw. This helps to save time and money!

Our BB/metal machines are equipped with different cutting speeds. For this reason these machines can be used to cut most of the materials available on the market.

No matter if you want to cut steels as tool steel, construction steel or stainless steel, non-ferrous metals as aluminium, copper or brass, or even plastic materials as polyamide - with HEMA you have always the right partner by your side to provide you with the suitable bandsaw!


Wheel diameter 3 x 315 mm
Cutting width 600 mm
Cutting height 250 mm
Length of saw blade 3150 mm
Table size 470 x 450/800 mm
3-phase AC motor 0,55/0,88 kW/400V
Cutting speed according to model

Motor versions

  • BB 315/3 M-A with cutting speed 18 + 36 m/min.
    For tempered steel,tools steel and stainless steel
  • BB 315/3 M-B with cutting speed 32 + 64 m/min.
    For carbon tool steel, Silumin, red brass, brass and polyamide
  • BB 315/3 M-C with cutting speed 55 +110 m/min.
    For construction steel, brass, copper, aluminium and polyamide


  • Base frame out of steel plates
  • Retractable pusher for angle cuts
  • Retractable pusher for miter cuts
  • Stepless drive
  • Welding device for saw blades
  • Spraying unit

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