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HEMA FoamCAD programming

CNC programs for HEMA contour cutting machines

HEMA contour cutters have been proved themselves for many years in countless companies, most in the insulating industry.

CNC programs for work pieces with simple geometries can be edited directly on the machine. In fact, the machine can produce during the programming operation, but this is not the most efficient way.

Especially for more complex part geometries, which do not consist of simple lines and arcs, manual programming gets consuming and uneconomical rapidly.

In this case we offer to our customers the CAD/CAM software solution "FoamCAD XP" for offline programming, e.g. on a office computer, somewhere in the company network. The software is operated easily and intuitively and allows to import DXF-data within seconds. Learn more here.

If you do not have a FoamCAD XP license until now, we can offer the programming of you geometry data as a service. Send us your geometry data in any common CAD format, and receive back the finished CNC program from us. Only process specific parameters as feed rate or dwell have to be adapted to your needs.


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